Statnic Ivan, 15 years


We know Vanea Statnic and his mother for some years, having offered help to them several times. We follow Vanea’s success and are sincerely glad for him. We admire his courage and strength of mind, mother’s patience and her striving to help.

From the very birth the boy is struggling with serious disease. This fight is his life. Arthrogryposis is a very difficult to handle disease, which attacks joints and muscles. Vanea has the most difficult form of arthrogryposis, when both arms, both legs and spine column are affected.

A lot has passed already. At the beginning specialists from Chisinau tried to help him. Than doctors from St. Petersburg, from G.I. Turner clinic tried to teach him to bend and unbend arms, to hold objects. After a number of interventions and long lasting rehabilitation courses, things moved on. Now, Vanea is walking using crutches. First steps were a big hurdle for him, but he never stopped trying. Every day, no matter if it is sunny or cloudy Vanea is going out for a walk. He plays with ball, he likes dancing. He feels the rhythm, though his body does not follow him well yet. At home Vanea has a lot of activities too. He is in the 7th class, which means he has a lot of homework to do. Teacher, who is coming to Vanea tries not to be indulgent. Vanea reads well, tries to write, likes mathematics. In his leisure time Vanea communicates virtually with his friends via V Kontakte, plays on-line games or simply surfs in internet.

After Vanea managed to stay on his feet, one more problem occurred: congenital column distortion worsened, and a hump appeared on his left side. As a consequence of it, his thorax deformed, as well as position of internal organs changed. Un-natural organs positioning led to undesired symptoms, like short breath, pain in the back, Vanea can not stay for a long time in vertical position.

Scoliosis of 4th degree can not be treated conservatively, an operation is needed. After thorough investigations doctors from the Institute of Phtysiology and Pulmonology from St. Petersburg expressed their readiness to help. The intervention costs 516 000 RUB. It’s a lot! Vanea’s mother addressed to us for help. “Save life” organization has 38 000 MDL available for Vanea. This money remained from the previous beneficiary. Now it is necessary to collect the resting amount – 117 000 MDL.

Vanea believes that the pain will vanish and he will be able to walk and set new targets for himself.

Diagnosis: congenial arthrogryposis
117 000 MDL
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