Stechin Maxim, 2 years


Maxim is a very handsome, happy and joyful boy. With his wide open eyes he looks and everything with interest and pleasure. He is very communicative, playing a lot with other kids. He also likes pets. He is very attentive with his mother giving her flowers and offering help. Running and jumping are his favorite activities. It is always fun to be with him. He is always positive and smiling.

But, in June his parents noticed a strange glow in his eye, which became more and more evident. The investigation showed that Maxim had a tumor of 6-8 mm. The diagnosis was set up- retinoblastoma ( eye cancer). Most frequently kids under 5 years old can have such disease. The worst thing is that retinoblastoma is very aggressive with practically no time for treatment. If actions are taken now, the disease can be stopped, with eye and even vision saved, but there is no time to wait.

Unfortunately such disease cannot be treated in Moldova, as it requires special modern technologies. Maxim’s parents asked their friends and community  for help. They needed  20 000 USD to make possible visit to Jules-Gonin clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland.

On August 29th professor Francis Munier  investigated Maxim’s eye. It was discovered that besides tumor itself, there are plenty of tiny cancer cells agglomerations  spread in the eye, as well as a kind of film on the retina surface. The established stage of the diseases was D (out of 5 possible A,B,C,D,E). Parents were desperate,  but professor said that this stage means that the treatment should be more complicated,  longer and unfortunately more expensive,  but it is possible  that disease will step back. As  the eye nerve is yet not affected and there is  big chance that the eye can be saved, and may be even together with vision

Maxim  had 2 intra-ocular injections to suppress small locus and film on the retina.

3-4 more injections could be needed, which means additional 15-17 TUSD.

Maxim  recovered  with difficulties  after anesthesia. The next day he had to go through another operation  for intraarterial chemotherapy, which aims direct destruction of the tumor.

Thin and long probe was introduced through the abdominal artery, to the heart and than to cervical artery reaching  eye artery at the end. 4 mg of melfalan  was infused, which acted directly on the tumor. This is the newest technology which allows to avoid traditional chemo- and radiotherapy.  The operation was successful. Everything went well. After 6 hours the boy was let go  home.

According to the doctor the tumor diminished 20-25% in size.  Majority of tiny tumors precipitated on the fundus of the eye. The film on the retina almost disappeared.

Professor also  noted,  that this is just the beginning of the treatment, as cancer is a perfidious disease.    The next checkup is planned for September 26th, when the 3rd injection will be done together with the second stage of chemotherapy.

Maxim’s parents addressed to us to help in funds collecting for their next trip to Switzerland, as it is beyond them to collect more money. To help Maxim to beat  the cancer we are opening fund raising for 200 000 MDL to partially cover treatment costs.

Diagnosis: Retinoblastoma (eye cancer).
200 000 MDL
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