Stoian Taisia, 9 years



Mrs. Stela Stoian, a mother of three children has applied to us. A tragedy has occurred to her family four years ago. As a result of an accident her daughter got a brain injury. The girl was 5 years old at that time. Because of the hard hitting Taisia felt into a coma. During the first three days after the accident the girl had two major operations. When Taisia was recovering from coma she couldn’t remember anything and anybody, she couldn’t talk and the right part of her body was totally paralyzed. The kid has been in the first group of disability status.
The parents have been actively engaged in recruitment and rehabilitation of the daughter. Investigations, treatments and massage courses had been carried out every three months. During one year Taisia started walking and talking little by little; her memory had started to recover.
In one year it was established that the kid does not see well. Upon investigation the girl was diagnosed with Leber’s optic atrophy of both eyes: the right eye did not see anything, the left eye saw 40 %.
For the time being, Taisia is at the third year of lyceum for visually impaired. She does well in school. However her sight became worse during one year. The last investigation showed that her left eye sees only 20 % and the girl develops myopia. Due to the fact that, this is the only eye able to see, parents are afraid of her total blindness. After long researches family found hospital in Ufa / Russia a Centre of Eye and Plastic Surgery, where the girl is awaited for a surgery in December. The family has many children and no money. The parents could gather money for the surgery, but they need money for the transportation urgently.
We have asked for help the S7 Company. The round way ticket’s price for two persons is more than 16 000 Lei, but they made a good discount, Now we have to collect only 8 770 Lei. For the time being the kid is being investigated in Chisinau; and she is being prepared for the trip.
We hope that Taisia and her mother will arrive to Ufa, where the doctors will help her to regain her sight as much as possible.

Diagnosis: optic nerve atrophy
8 770 MDL
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