Stratu Sebastian, 1 month



Sebastian is only a month old, he was born February 11, 2014. The boy’s mother had no idea that her diagnose, at 32 weeks of pregnancy, with high levels of amniotic fluid (polyhydramnios) will lead to serious health complications for her baby.

After birth, the child was diagnosed with esophageal atresia.

Sebastian was hospitalized in Mother and Child Centre in Chisinau. In the hospital, during the investigations doctors discovered another pathology: both baby’s kidneys are located on the left side. Nobody can explain the causes that lead to this.

Unfortunately, troubles never come alone. Soon Sebastian was diagnosed with congenital heart disease.

Sebastian underwent a surgery and doctors tried to connect his esophag, but because the distance is too big – 4 cm – the surgery was unsuccessful. In this case doctors performed a gastrostomy: in the stomach wall and the back abdominal wall they formed a hole were doctors introduced a rubber tube. Sebastian spent a week in intensive care unit, and with the help of the tube he was breathing by himself. After this procedure, baby’s lungs began to work independently and very well. Now the baby is fed through the tube, and he even started to gain weight.

But children with such diagnoses are highly susceptible to diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Thus our Sebastian was again sent to intensive care unit with pneumonia. His condition is still very serious.
He has many health problems. The priority as of right now is the surgery to connect hid esophagus (of course, after the lung inflammation will be healed) .

Filatov clinic from Moscow is ready to assist Sebastian and do such a complex surgery, the cost of which is too high for an ordinary Moldovan family – 370 450 RUB.

His parents do not have this amount of money and this is why they asked for our help.
Please help raise the necessary funds as soon as possible.

Diagnosis: esophageal atresia
131 633 MDL
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