Stratulat Iulian, 16 years


Iulian is the first baby in the family. He was born with multiple pathologies  — cleft palate, conjoined fingers, absence of eyelids. It was more than unexpectedly for the parents because no pathologies were detected while pregnancy.

Being 6-months old the boy endured harelip correction surgery. At the age of 1,5 year – eyelids correction surgery with expansion of tear ducts was performed.  Up to his 16 years Iulian endured more than 10 surgeries.

Now he is again in need of eyelids correction surgery in order to prevent vision loss. If eyelids doesn’t moisture eye surface with tears, it may cause eye drying out.   Even this poor vision can be lost. Destruction process should be stopped to prevent blindness.

Despite of all difficulties Iulian is very strong spiritually, he is doing sport by himself.

His hobby is playing checkers, sometimes he participates in competitions, but he doesn’t like extra attention of people.

Iulian is fond of chemistry, he can talk about it for hours. In future he wants to become teacher of chemistry or to get medical education.

During all these years Stratulat family pays by themselves for multiple surgeries of their son. And this is really very complicated. Today family which lives in countryside is in tough period and needs our support and help.

We can’t stay indifferent to the situation of Iulian and his family.

We declare fundraising at the amount of 36 650 MDL for eyelids surgery.

We need your help and ask you to support Iulian!

Diagnosis: Multiple Congenital Diseases. Eyelids Dystrophy.
36 650 MDL
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