Suslov Anastasia, 13 years


We got a new help request. This time from a mother of 3 wonderful daughters: Nina, Anastasia and Lia. The 13 years old Anastasia is suffering from congenital glaucoma – disease, when intraocular tension is high because of some genetic and congenital defects in the eye structures, which are normally helping liquid to flow out.

Three weeks after the girl was born, she had an operation on both eyes in the Morozov Pediatric hospital in Moscow. Until the moment when she reached 10 her vision was stabile in the range of 20-30%. Later her vision started to quickly worsen. Currently Nastea has it only at the range of 7-8% and vision continues to decrease.

Doctors from Balti city, where the family lives, recommended to address to doctors from Chisinau, to see what can be done. Specialists from Ovisus vision center made investigations and are ready to operate Nastea and to transplant cornea of both eyes.

Suslov family has financial difficulties. Nastea’ s mother is currently in maternity leave with a small baby Lia, who is 10 months only. The father has had a cerebral vascular attack in February, and family spent a lot of money for his recovery. Now he is a person with 2nd group disability and he will not be able to work for longer time.

Anastasia is a very clever, diligent and curious girl. But her problems with vision do not allow her feel like friends of the same age. We kindly ask all our savers to help Anastasia to become healthy and self-sufficient. Her parents found the amount needed of 50,000 MDL. We are opening fund raising for her for the amount of 64 430 MDL.

Diagnosis: congenital glaucoma.
64 430 MDL
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