Shutova Victoria, 4 years


Grandpa of a 4 years old girl Victoria Shutova addressed to us for help. Grand parents have been taking care of her from the birth. Victoria was born healthy, starting to pronounce her first words shortly after she turned 1 year. When she was 19 months she got mandatory vaccinations, after which her behavior changed, she turned into her inner world, she stopped talking with others.

Shortly after, problems of communication and interaction with others commenced, neurologic access became regular, she stopped looking at other people’s eye. When she was 2, the diagnosis was clarified – autism.

Grandparents are retired for some years. Victoria is the sense of their lives. They dedicate all their efforts, savings, time to Vica’s therapy. They attend specialized education centers. After having 12 occupations at “Voinicel” center, where speech therapist taught her, she started to pronounce simple words. After another course at “SOS AUTISM “ center her overall condition significantly improved. Grandparents continue exercises at home. Vica knows numbers and ABC. She likes other kids and want to be with them.

Victoria needs a broad diagnostic. Unfortunately in our country she can not get it fully. Grandparents hope that Vica is able to adapt to the social life and to be self-sufficient.

There is a special department in the Melnikova clinic in Moscow where in 20 days Vica can have all diagnostic procedures, pathogenetic and adjuvant therapy. The cost of such course is 103 232 RUB (~ 36 140 MDL). Currently Vica also needs medical treatment, but there are no money available for this. We decided to add to the course cost an amount of 2 260 MDL to buy needed drugs.

To help Victoria to get healthy and happy we are opening fund raising for her in the amount of 38 400 MDL. We address to all warm hearted people to support this cause. Autism is not a sentence, and with correct treatment she can be alike other healthy kids of her age. She can have happy childhood!

Diagnosis: autism.
38 400 MDL
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