Sirbu Cleopatra, 6 years


From birth, Cleopatra suffers from cerebral palsy and epileptic seizures. At the age of three, the girl wasn’t able to keep her head up and had no control over her body. Continuous treatment and rehabilitation courses have yielded positive results.

Now Cleopatra can stay seated and can control her hands. Mostly, her parents are happy because they managed to stop epileptic seizures. It is too early to talk about a full recovery, but now the girl has less suffering.

Together, we have already helped Cleopatra’s parents to pay for their child rehabilitations. Cleopatra’s mother is very grateful for the support and help. Now Cleopatra needs a course of hippotherapy, which always helps children with cerebral palsy feel more confident.

Parents save money for living and other needs during treatment, but they can not afford to pay for rehabilitation without our help.

The sum to collect is 8 000 lei. The Sirbu family hopes a lot for our help.


Diagnosis: cerebral palsy.
8 000 MDL
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