Tashca Catalin, 2 years



It’s really hard for our team to discover a new story, that is being published on our web page. Every time when we start to debate how unfair life is, we stop ourselves, because it is senseless. These are just feelings for us, but for sick children and their parents – one of the most complex struggle and a constant fight in their life. They fight for life, and we have an irresistible desire to act to help them.

We want to help Catalin Tashca, the boy which is now lying on his bed with hands tied because there is no alternative, the child self-injury episodes occur periodically. Catalin is 2 years and 8 months.

The boy was born in twins, he have a sister. She is healthy. But doctors and parents were worried for his health since the very beginning. Every day of life, the health state of the newborn was becoming worse and worse, being diagnosed with bowel obstruction.

Soon followed by a cardiac stop, and the child fell into a three-week coma. Doctors managed to get the boy out of this state, but health problems could not be resolved. At 5 months, the diagnosis was changed to Hirschsprung’s anomaly, this is a anomaly of the colon.

At age 8 months, Catalin suffered two colon surgeries. Then it became clear that the baby was having issues with the nervous system: at age of 9 months, he did not hold his head, did not sit on his own.
And at the age 1 year and 3 months, more terrifying events started to happen in the life of a Tashca’s family. Catalin began to have episodes of self-aggression by provoking injuries to his body. He bit his lips and tongue to the blood, and his parents and the doctors could do nothing to help him in these moments.

Catalin is almost 3 years now. He has a broken nose, wounded tongue, he lies with his hands tied, so he will not hurt himself even more. It is difficult to imagine what his parents feel while looking at their son being tied and in the blood …

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova helped Catalin’s parents to ask for support at the University Hospital of Heidelberg (Germany). They are ready to take Catalin for initial investigations. But until the clinic will not receive the required payment of 18 900 EUR, Catalin will not able to go to there. German Charitable Foundation «A Heart for Children» allocated to the Catalin’ survey – 5000 Euro. Another 2 000 Euro parents gathered themselves. Now, all is left to collect is 11 900 Euro (~ 227,300 MDL).

We begin fundraising for Catalina Tashca and hope that together with you we can help that poor child.

Diagnosis: Precise diagnosis couldn’t be determined. Estimated-hereditary metabolism disorder.
221 700 MDL
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