Tsurkan Vladik, 6 years


Vladik is the first-born child who was waited for more than 16 years. The happiness came but along with happiness came fear. The boy was born without a right ear, where there should be an auditory canal, is only a small lump. Vladik was diagnosed with: “Congenital anomaly of development of the right ear (microtia of the third degree), external auditory canal atresia, conductive hearing loss”. In Chisinau, there was only one answer to all questions about treatment: take care of the healthy ear and come to the audiogram regularly, and by the age of 10 you will have to think about plastic surgery.

Now Vladik is 6 years old. Unfortunately, he has speech delays. Doctors say that this is the consequences of that he hears only with his left ear. He has a poor sense of direction, can hardly determine where from is he called and from which side the car is going. Vladik communicates with the children, but sometimes they do not understand him because of poor development of speech. Knowing that the bone of the skull thickens with age and, as a consequence, the sound conduction on the right side worsens, it is terrible for parents to think that such incidents of misunderstanding will become more and more in his life if not to treat Vladik now. Vladik’s lower jaw has poorly developed also. Parents and doctors are working on the correction. Vladik has a special prosthesis that was made in Moscow, which he wears constantly.

In October, Vladik went to Kazakhstan for a conference, conducted by American doctors from Global Hearing Inc clinic of California Ear Institute – Dr.Roberson and Dr. Reinisch. At the conference, parents learned about the possibility of forming an ear canal, hearing restoration and auricular reconstruction from the modern high-tech material Medpor. On an individual consultation, after reviewing the results of all the examination, the doctors assured that Vlad has great chances to restore his hearing. The family is sure that this is the chance that will help Vladik to get an ear and a normal hearing. But the cost of the surgery was very high – $ 85,000. All alone, parents can not collect such an amount of money. Nevertheless, they paid already $ 5,000 to reserve the date of the operation. The operation is scheduled for May 1, 2018. All the family is searching the remained amount. They are knocking on all doors to to ask for help. They are expecting to raise some money by selling a real estate, but there is still not enough.

Vladik continues to go to the kindergarten to play with his friends. He works hard with a speech therapist. At home he plays actively with his younger brother.

We start a fundraising to help Vlad to recover his hearing!

Diagnosis: Congenital anomaly of development of the right ear (microtia of the third degree), external auditory canal atresia, conductive hearing loss
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