Ursu Lilian, 3 years



This wonderful guy is named Lillian Ursu. In September, he will be 4 years. Lillian is ill since he was 11 months old. He is a cancer patient. In Chisinau, he had the first surgery for removal of his left kidney. Afterwards, parents took him for treatment to Moscow at the Blokhin Institute of Oncology. There he was diagnosed with – right kidney nephroblastoma. The tumor was spreading into the intestine, pancreas, and spleen. Lillian went through another surgery. The surgery was very difficult! Spleen was removed, resection of bowel, partial removal of the pancreas. Then a second surgery, and again on the intestines …

We would like to step aside from dry medical terms and enumeration of challenges that this little hero has already passed. It’s amazing to see how even with a huge belly caused by the disease, Lilian was running and drove cars, so that even parents could not catch up with him. After a serious surgery the little man rushed to the fridge and demanded meat. Doctors were forced to make concessions and allow him to eat some chicken. And how he learned to ride on a tripod with an IV in the hospital corridor to the game room!
In late 2012, the boy with his parents flew home. The exam showed that the tumor was defeated.

But in mid-May of this year, the disease recidivated! Disease is back! The baby was investigated at the Blokhin Institute of Oncology. Unfortunately, diagnose was confirmed. Lilian can not be helped in Russia. Parents have entrusted the life of their extraordinary son to German doctors. The cost of the treatment in Germany (Universitatsklinikum Wurzburg, Kinderklinik) – 210 000 Euro: 10 thousand – investigations, 60 000 – the first stage of treatment, 85 000 Euros – the second phase of treatment and 55 000 Euros – a bone marrow transplant. His parents, with the support of charity funds and people’s help from different countries, 80,000 Euros have been collected. We need to raise an additional 130 000 Euros as soon as possible.

We are urgently opening the collection campaign.

This kid loves life so much, he is full of energy and love! We will do everything possible so that he will LIVE! And we believe that you will help us in this battle!

Diagnosis: right kidney nephroblastoma
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