Tatamirov Victor, 3 years


Dear friends, funds collection for Viktor Tatamirov is officially closed!

Hello! We are – Tatamirov Octavian and Irina. We live in Chisinau. Our son Victor was born on due date May 18, 2008 and life indicators where absolutely fine. The only thing that bothered us is that during delivery suffered a clavicle displacement on the right side. For the next ten days we tied his hand to the body, and next routine examination, orthopedist confirmed that everything was normal.

Our son was developing very well, he was gaining weight. When he was three months old, he could hold his head. He also was fine during vaccinations.

Once upon a time, when Viktor was 5 months old, his body temperature increased up to 38°C and his stool became soft and often. Doctors explained us that this is caused by disbacteriosis and prescribed special syrup. During the entire week, his stool remained soft, but he had no longer fever.

At the age of six months we took our son to orthopedist for a regular check up. No pathologies where identified. When we returned back home, we put Viktor in his crib. While in couple of minutes we returned back to his room, I have noticed that he wasn’t sleeping and started to bend finger on his left hand. We immediately called and Ambulance and he was rushed to the hospital. He was conscious and body temperature was normal. Doctors told us that what happened at home where spasms. Doctors gave him Diazepam and he fall asleep.

On the next day, my son had fever. In two days his first teeth started to appear. His condition became worst, he refused to eat. In the evening on the same day, his lip started so shake. He was given Luminalum. When in one hour everything repeated, he was given again Luminalum.

On the next morning we have been moved to a different hospital where doctors identified a spot on left side of his brain. Doctors couldn’t’t explain what this was. Fever oscillated around 38,7°C – 39,4°C.

Doctors kept giving him IV’s and with high fever and shouts he was discharged. At one point he stopped shouting immediately and the ambulance transported him to nearest hospital. Doctor’s told us that Viktor have eye spasms. On the next day doctors performed a tomography and a second puncture, which proved to be similarly clean. After that we’ve transferred to infectious disease hospital and they started to give him Aciclovir.

Our son was diagnosed with relapsing encephalitis mixed etymology being incomplete recovery with hydrocephalus, a massive brain atrophy, bulbar syndrome, tetraparesis, episindrom.
Now we need to collect 175,000 rubles (about 4,500 euros) for examination and treatment at the Institute of Human Brain Sciences (St. Petersburg), where we were waiting in March. Unfortunately, at present situation so that we, the parents and relatives Vityusha almost exhausted its budget. We hope very much on the support of kind hearts! Please help cure our Vitya!

Diagnosis: relapsing encephalitis mixed etymology being incomplete recovery with hydrocephalus, a massive brain atrophy, bulbar syndrome, tetraparesis, episindrom.
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