Vlad Saftyuk


Together we had helped Vlad Saftyuk who had a terrible diagnose – congenital anomaly of the biliary tract and atresia of the extrahepatic bile duct. Through common efforts $ 2000 USD were collected, but totally Vlad’s family and all contributors spent in order to try to find the cause of his distress: $ 7000 USD. Nothing helped him.
The doctors from the maternity can be blamed (there is a version that baby’s illness could be caused because of the wrong vaccine in the maternity), guilty ones can be searched in Russia where in the Filatovskoe hospital he was tested twice and punctured, even a genetic metabolic disorder was suspected but was not diagnosed accurately. Writing and talking can be endless. The result is awful. At the end of August Vlad and his mother came back from Russia with nothing. In a couple of weeks the baby was taken to the hospital with increased stomach. Doctors made him tomography and started to prepare him for surgery but it was too late. Vlad’s condition became tragically worse; he lost his consciousness and was connected to artificial system for lungs ventilation. No surgery could be discussed even when he was awaken – precious time was lost.
On 5 October Vlad passed away. Our hearts have flown with the sweet angel.