Vozian Nikita, 12 years


Nichita and Dragos are inseparable brothers. They are not twins, but very close to each other. And they are very friendly boys. Spending most of the time together, they study, draw and read, alongside their loving mother. Although Nichita’s disease is very complicated, the whole family has learned to live with it.
Nikita was born prematurely and had a difficult birth that caused much suffering. For one month following the birth doctors continue to fight for his life. He survived, but he will live with cerebral palsy for the rest of his life.

For a whole year Nichita had a treatment in the psycho-neurological hospital in Moscow. Periodically he also received treatments in Kiev, Odessa, Kishinev, as well as 3 separate operations in Tula (Russia). Now every 3 months he receives courses of a medical treatment. While studying at home for a 2nd grade, he attends the rehabilitation center «Gultum». Nichita is an intelligent child, his mind is well developed, and he likes to study. His mom says that he has successes; but he needs constant hard work.

Nichita cannot walk and take care of himself. The boy’s mother wants very much Nikita to undergo one more course of treatment at Melnikova E. A. Clinic in Moscow. She trusts that after this he will gain more independence from her help, will be able to make his first steps. The rehabilitation course’s cost is 375 311 roubles (around 135 120 lei).

Previously, thanks to your help, we paid for Nikita’s first rehabilitation course. You can read about the results of the treatment by following this link: http://savelife.md/en/reluarea-colectarii-de-fonduri-si-noutati-despre-nikita-vozian/

The Vozean family needs our help! Father left the family and does not support the Nichita’s treatment. His mother has been disabled for 2 years on the 2nd group of invalidity. The financial situation of the family is very difficult. Nichita’s life would be easier and better, only if every one of us will takes part in his fate, at least a small part.

Diagnosis: Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy
135 120 MDL
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