Zaiat Nicusor, 5 years



Cancer is all over our planet, it is active in all the corners of the world. Increasingly, we hear news about sick friends and about famous people who are battling with cancer. Yes, it is terrible. But we believe in modern medicine, we believe that cancer – is not a death sentence. That’s why kids who are struggling with this scourge, we won’t call them sick, we would like to call them as recovering! Slowly, but recovering! Because cancer can be beaten!

The Zaiat family has a son Nicusor. Nicusor was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. In January 2014, Nicusor celebrated his 5th birthday in the hospital. The optimistic and bright child consoled his mother and father, assuring them that he will recover, because his blood is a friend with medicine. We and the Nicusor parents have no doubts about it. Because the diagnosis was diagnosed early and treatment started, the doctors are able to fight with this disease more effectively.. His parents chose the Children Oncohematological Clinic in Parma, Italy . There doctors are ready to admit Nicusor into the hospital and to give him the best care. Initial cost of Nicusor’s treatment is 87 596 euro. It’s true, the treatment of leukemia – is one of the most expensive and this young family has no such funds. Thanks to the relatives and caring people, Nicusor’s parents gathered 37 000 euro. The remaining amount (50 596 euro) must be collected by Februay 20, 2014 because Nicusor must be hospitalized this time.

Nicusor’s health is the top priority of the entire Zaiat family. The little soul-mate of Nicusor is his sister who is 8 months old- she is also waiting for his brother at home, because Nicu knows better than anyone, how to cheer the baby, when she cries.

We are convinced that Nicu Zaiat – is a recovering child. With your help, we want to help him defeat leukemia,as well as other sick children to give them the confident hope of a successful treatment. We would want that someone who is looking at Nicu now will think: «He could recover and I will too!»

Diagnosis: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
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