1Olia Tira

Singer and model

«Inspiring feelings are coming to my soul seeing people who stopped sorrowful sighs because one single man couldn’t change the world. Joy fills out my heart seeing people that are making good. Every charity event organized by NGO «Save Life» proves that our children have future! Thanks them for that».

2Christy Rouge


«Just think how often we forget that someone is feeling worse than we are. Child’s illness – is the most terrible punishment from every existing. And now just think for a bit how are feeling those who remain face to face with their trouble. I’m very glad that in Moldova we have organization «Save Life» the goal of which is to help in this way».

3Mariana Shura

Singer, television anchorman, deserved artist of Moldova

«As hackneyed and banal this phrase seems to be, our children are our future, but it has a very deep meaning. It’s terrible to know when on the ill child’s way to recovery the problem of money shortage is coming up. People say that when you are doing good this will come to you back. To help today is easy».

4Mc Mike

TV and radio anchorman, singer and song writer

«As a father and human, I will say widely recognized postulate that children never have to suffer. Health – is the most precious and saint that we have in our life. Because of that I feel that helping little citizens of our country is my duty. Sincere thank to all those who are in solidarity».

5Mariana Mihaila


«Love is giving child life. Children give life to parents. If in a family child fall ill – it’s a huge sorrow for all who loves and protects him. I can’t pass this type of charities. Only through our example we can call others to save life».