Prindetsky Viktor, 16 ani


There are three children in Prindetsky family. They live in village, doing farming, the main profit of the family is grandmother’s pension and parent’s casual labor.

The first child Viktor at the age of 2 months was diagnosed with congenital cataracts, strabismus. Left eye is blind, vision of right eye is very poor. The boy get 1 group of disability.

Through all these years Viktor was permanently examined by doctors and get medical care. Surgery was postponed till the age of 12 years. Later, because of very complicated cataracts case, family was advised to try another clinic.

Laser correction will allow Viktor to see the world (of course through glasses). Also it will release of astigmatism which prevents space orientation.

He is old enough to dream about to be independent, get the specialty, but eyes disability impeding him of being able to learn and live in a full way.

Unfortunately, a lot of time is gone. But we have no right to give up. Parents managed to collect only a part of necessary for surgery amount of 10.000 MDL.

So we start fundraising for the rest of needed amount of 15.660 MDL.

We are waiting for Life-savers who is ready to support Viktor in this tight period of life.

Diagnoza: Cataractă congenitală. Degenerarea periferică a retinei.
15 660 MDL
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